Welcome to Affinity-Comms

We’re pleased to be one of the UK’s top independent providers of critical business technology since our inception in 2003. We’re here to handle all of your IT, telecommunications, and networking needs. This is where you’ll find everything you need. As a group of specialists dedicated to serving your needs, we’re here to make your company stand out.

Our people

We understand that the proper people are critical to success. Our team’s vitality, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and skill are at the core of Focus Group. Our people are what set us apart.

Our objective

Our mission is to connect our customers, our workers, and our communities.

Our neighbourhood

Our dedication to our employees, communities, and the environment.

Our distinctions

One of the top independent providers of critical business technologies in the United Kingdom. We have received several honours; have a look at the list below.

Our natural environment

We are committed to setting an industry standard for minimising the environmental effect of our operations. This is a critical component of the way we conduct business.

Our neighbourhood

Our success is contingent upon a business founded on solid foundations.


Affinity-comms is one of the UK’s top independent providers of critical business technology, providing telecommunications, connectivity, information technology, cyber security, and mobile solutions to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Focus Group provides everything you need to stay connected with your business in one location. Allowing you to concentrate on the important things. As in expanding your business.

Our staff are subject matter experts that are devoted to identifying the best solution for you and ensuring that your business works smoothly. Our employees’ experience also keeps us on the cutting edge of technical advancements. Prepared to offer cutting-edge solutions that position your organisation for the future and keep you one step ahead of the competition. Additionally, our independence – combined with a robust network of preferred relationships with all major suppliers – helps us keep the all-important expenses low. Finally, you’ll always receive the correct service at the correct pricing.

John and Mike Gilbert founded Affinity-comms in 2003, growing it from a small start-up to the industry-leading powerhouse it is today. In 2021, Mark Taylor succeeded John and Mike as Chief Executive Officer. As Chief Executive Officer, Mark Taylor oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, develops our development strategy, and is responsible for the company’s future growth through M&A activities.

Telecoms, connectivity, cyber security, information technology, business mobiles, and energy – regardless of the technology, our sales and support teams are unmatched. We will take care of everything. We’re linked with the industry’s leading vendors, which means we’ll conduct research and identify the most cost-effective technology for your organisation. We’ll put it all up and maintain it 24 hours a day. All in one location and on a single bill, so you don’t have to go through mountains of papers or fine print.