A Cellular Virtual Community Operator (MVNO) is an entity that has a lawful arrangement with a countrywide licensed mobile network operator (MNO) allowing the entity to deal directly with end consumers presenting people end people mobile airtime assistance provision. The MVNO offers the proposition to stop consumers below its very own model, is free to established the tariffs and tariff structures and contracts straight with the close purchaser.

Having said that there is a lot debate and confusion all around the actual definition of the time period MVNO, underneath are a list of uncomplicated tests that will aid distinguish no matter whether an entity is an MVNO, Improved Provider Company (ESP) or Assistance Provider (SP).

The time period MVNO usually means diverse points to distinct persons. Even the term MVNO is disputed, some refer to an MVNO other to an VMNO: * MVNO is an abbreviation for Mobile Digital Cellular Community * VMNO is an abbreviation for Virtual Mobile Network Operator 3CX Phone Systems – Authorised 3CX Reseller in Morden

The cellular field has supported Company Companies (SP) thoroughly given that its origins, mostly due to a regulatory design launched in the Uk to foster level of competition in between Racal Telecom (now Vodafone) and British Telecom (now mmO2 o2 Telefonica).

The boundary concerning the definition of a Provider Company (SP), Increased Support Supplier (ESP) and MVNO is blurred.

The next are essential tests to identify if an entity is an MVNO:

Does the entity have a nationwide GSM or UMTS spectrum licence?

* Of course – then the arrangement is most very likely a Nationwide Roaming Agreement.

* No – go on.

Is the host MNOs model drastically obvious in the entities go to sector proposition?

* Certainly – not an MVNO – most probably to be a Services Service provider (SP).

* No – could be an MVNO or ESP.

Does the entity set its personal go to market proposition and tariff programs?

* No – then the arrangement is most probably a Support Supplier (SP) Agreement.

* Indeed – could be an MVNO or ESP.

Does the entity combine with the host MNO, for illustration: to terminate traffic, or handle contact handle, or give precise value extra attributes which have to have intervention in the core community?

* Yes – most probably that the entity is an MVNO.

* No – could be SP or ESP.

Does the entity get a share of inbound termination revenues?

* Sure – most most likely that the entity is an MVNO.

* No – could be MVNO, SP or ESP.

The pursuing assessments are not pertinent to determine if an entity is an MVNO: Does the entity individual or work its very own billing procedure? Why? Traditionally Provider Vendors (SP) have operated their have billing devices. Some MVNOs depend on the host MNO to offer branded billing services.

Does the entity very own a GSM guard band license? Why? Just simply because an entity owns a GSM guard band license does NOT oblige any MNO to deliver a countrywide roaming settlement.

Who owns the shopper? Why? A Service Service provider (SP) legally owns the marriage with the buyer.

Who is accountable for bad financial debt? Why? A Support Company (SP) may well be lawfully accountable for default by the client.

The entity is a licensed GSM operator in another jurisdiction and member of the GSM Affiliation (GSMA)? Why? This fact is not pertinent to the national jurisdiction.

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