Microwave Link: Wireless Networking

Linking your business world

Affinity are a UK leading supplier of Gigabit  Microwave Links, point to pint wireless and business wirelessbridge.

We supply, install and maintain carrier class microwave equipment  linking office sites; working alongside your business to ensure a scaleable solution.

  • Point to point microwave bridge
  • Point to multipoint wireless link
  • Secure Wide Area Network WAN
  • Licenced and unlicenced microwave links
  • Light licenced RF links
  • Light liceneced Millimeter Wave
  • Installation & maintenance
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High speed point to point wireless. Our extensive knowledge and years of experience installing and maintaining business microwave links /wireless links helps you find the best and most cost effective wireless solution. more>

Project management We are experienced WAN/LAN installers across a broad range of locations; negotiating and collaborating with councils, landlords and solicitors to ensure acceptable positioning of microwave antenna. more>

Free Site Survey We have survey tools that allow us to map an exact RF profile within a building, to locate were an individual Access Point needs to be installed to provide optimum coverage. We ensure you receive the best expertise, project management and support to answer your business brief.

Specialist Microwave Gigabit installers  microwavelink.co.uk

  • FREE line of site survey

  • Expert advice & support

  • Installation & maintenance

  • Guarantee



If you'd like to chat through your project, or find out more about our free site survey contact us

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