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A planned approach to deployment of a wireless network withtin a building is vital.

Buildings differ and the RF transmission characteristics vary alot depending on the construction type and what is inside the building.

After meeting and agreeing your requirements we will probably recommend a wireless survey of the area required.

We have survey tools that allow us to map an exact RF profile withtin a building and locate exactly were an individual access Point needs to be installed to provide optimum coverage.

When multiple access points are installed we recommend a minimum five channel seperation be maintained in order to prevent interference and maintain optimum coverage.

Once your survey is complete a report will be produced showing the exact location and recommended operating channel; of each access point. This makes future installation straightforward.

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Managing and powering access points. We have a number of central controller products available; the choice of which depends on the number of access points in your network. The central controller can be used to distribute mass configuration changes, software updates or configuration files to any  new access point. This makes moves, changes and additions simple.

Configuration files are also held on individual access points so if the central controller fails the network will continue to operate. In many campus environments multiple wireless networks need to be able to be broadcast or advertised in a building. Typically they will accomodate different user groups with different security rights. Using defined VLAN's on switches and a suitable access point makes this possible. enquiry

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No Risk Unique 100% money back guarantee if not entirely happy once the equipment has benn installed guarantee

Fixed Cost Once we have listened to your requirements, completed a site survey, if required and prepared a proposal for your agreement the price is fixed.No additional costs will be incurred unless you specifiaclly request additional items outside the scope of our original proposal.

Flexible Finance We can help spread the cost of any network upgrade with our finance options. Fixed monthly payments will help you budget for the future and can be written as OPEX not CAPEX expenditure. enquiry

Post Sales Support All networks are fully supported by a team of engineers for the duration of your maintenance contract

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