Network Site Surveys

“Expert survey teams do all the ground work prior to any installation work on your site”

Right first time

Site surveys are an essential part of what we do and we will rarely is ever issue a proposal prior to one taking place. Working to understand your plans, goals and challenges helps us and you understand how to apply technology to meet your business needs. In essence this is our key value to you.

Internal wireless surveys which will be paid work, will locate the positions of all the wireless access points required to provide optimum coverage and capacity within your building. An RF heat map superimposed on your provided floor plans will be provided as part of our survey report.

External point to point wireless and microwave link survey work will assess line of sight, mounting points and cable runs required to data cabinets within each building. A ground based survey will complement initial feasibility work done on the PC.

You maybe planning to install a network in a new building or just extend an existing. Our manufacturer accredited survey teams, will assess cable routes, types of cable and containment required prior to a quotation and proposal being issued. Many years of experience commissioning in all building types old and new is our value add to our customers.

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What exactly is the 3CX phone system? ... 3CX is an open-platform VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system that can be installed on-premises or in the cloud. Leicester 3CX Provider