Network Design & Installation

“Turning your plans into reality, through a systematic design and installation process”

Bringing it all together

Whether you are installing a completely new network at a new site, or just expanding your existing network infrastructure our expert network design engineers are on hand to provide advice and support. Large amounts of real world experience, can help you decide on the best way forward in planning the next evolution for your network.

Having done all the pre planning, topology design and site survey work, all that remains is for us to implement your chosen network design. Our appointed project manager will be responsible for sourcing both materials and labour, and will be your central point of contact throughout the whole project.

Certified engineers will then work with you and your in house team, through the installation be it in or out of hours to suite your business needs. Post installation test results, configuration sheets, and as installed screen shots will be passed over to you for your records. This will be in addition to any network topology diagrams produced during the design process.

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