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Need high bandwidth between your sites but frustrated by long lead times and high cost of leased lines?

Developments in the last few years has seen the popularity of wireless systems soar. Offering high bandwidths, low install times and zero operating costs has meant many companies are now switching away from expensive leased lines.

At affinity our site survey and technical design teams can calculate link availability by using a computer model without the need to initially visit site. Once on site however we can perform link tests and establish the type of connection and data rates that can be achieved. Data rates of 5Mbps to 1Gbps are available on Microwave or laser products within our range.

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Point to Multipoint, high throughput and voice interfaces….Redline

Working in the unlicensed 5.8Ghz band C frequency range Redline equipment allows software configuration of bandwidth distributed between remote sites. Operating as master/slave bandwidth levels can be modified at any time via the easy to use web front end management tool.

Offering very high throughputs of up to 54mbps (72Mbps though the air) the Redline System offers excellent in field reliability and can be configured to provide single or multiple E1 Voice interfaces to carry your intersite PBX voice traffic if required.

No line of sight?….Orthogon Systems…

With any radio installation the environmental conditions that the equipment needs to operate in are constantly changing. This variation is known as fade. In any instant any radio transmission may encounter different levels of attenuation ( fade ).

The Orthogon radio is unique as a point to point radio as at all times it operates multiple connections between each end. In fact the dual transmitter and receiver sets up four paths constantly between each end. Although transmissions arrive at the receiver at different time intervals Space Time Encoding works to combine the strongest signals to counter the effect of environmental fade.

This technique makes the Orthogon Gemini/Spectra the only true non line of sight radio on the market and ensures high link reliability and bandwidth. In our experience the units will operate in even the harshest of link conditions.

Like what you see but still a little unsure?

At affinity we have equipment available from Redline and Orthogon on a 30 day trial basis, for you to see the equipment in operation within your network.

What are you looking for?

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