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Inside your Office

Network availability is now taken for granted within any building. However in difficult to reach areas or when true portability is required wireless Ethernet comes into its own.

Challenges with real world Wireless Networking

Trying to provide enough capacity in a given area for a variable number of users.

Setting up different user access profiles using the same SSID.

Providing access for users whatever wireless card they are using (802.11a/b/or g)

Making the network secure from rogue users or access points.

Making sure that the network coverage is adequate within all areas required, and is not affected by other wireless networks operating within the same area.

How do we meet them?

In larger scale installations site surveys using software from Blue Sky Wireless allows a full RF map to be built showing the position, and channel allocation of all Access Points in the network. This ensures the best possible coverage and no interference from adjacent access points.

Centralised management of the RF profile of user types can be performed using specialised switching and access point equipment from our chosen partners.

Working with its technology partner Proxim, affinity can provide wireless access points that operate at 11Mbps or 54Mbps in a single unit.

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