Wireless LAN

New deployment or existing network expansion?

Our site survey tools, experienced engineers, and leading wireless vendors combine to ensure you get the wireless network your business needs. Capacity, location, and coverage planning are second nature to us, contact us today to discuss your requirements further. Wireless deployments for warehouse, education, office space, hospitality, and retail to include retail analytics.

3CX is a software-based open standard phone system based on the SIP standard. It is compatible with a variety of phone hardware and includes web browser-based extensions and mobile apps. A significant advantage is that the software can be hosted on a remote server, on-premise (on a local server), or both for added resilience. Opera Telecom Group In Hartlepool

Solutions we offer:

  • Cloud or Hardware based controller technology
  • Access Points with dual 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radio’s in a single device.
  • Full range of 802.11a/b/g/n and ac compliant radios.
  • Internal or external mounted WLAN AP’s, with antenna options.
  • Buy or lease rent equipment and services from us Capex or Opex.

Get expert help to select the best technology, for your wireless LAN project. Enquire Now

Survey for Optimum Coverage

Our professional network engineering team will assess your site with Initial survey work, to highlight exactly were wireless Access Points (AP’s) will need to be installed in order to meet your coverage and capacity plans.

With the survey document to hand local network infrastructure requirements both active and passive can be installed in preparation for the wireless network deployment.

“Having reviewed products / services offered by a variety vendors, affinity were chosen to complete a comprehensive survey of all our key sites. Once finished they installed a scalable system to meet our coverage and capacity needs (including business and guest access). We have options to extend coverage as our business develops.”

Head of IT / Projects


Get expert help to select the best technology, for your wireless LAN project. Enquire Now