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Wired local / wide area networking 

Network capacity problem?

To complement our cabling services affinity provide a range of Local Area Networks switching products from many leading vendors including Nortel Networks Cisco Systems and HP. Whatever your budget our suppliers and experience will allow us to fit the best product to your needs.

At affinity we use our experience and knowledge to build a design that provides adequate performance to meet your immediate needs but has plenty of scope for expansion. With this in mind we will always look to document our designs giving you the information to plan for the future or fault find if you have a pressing problem. The documentation will be included within our ‘Site documentation pack’ that is provided with every installation we do.

Want to connect a remote site?

You may have more options than you think… rather than heading down the traditional leased line/router path - a broadband connection to form a VPN over the internet with a Firebox X firewall, is a very usable alternative. The Firebox can connect your remote sites securely, with the added benefit of in built virus protection and security alerts via Live security from Watchguard.

Whatever your needs call us to discuss what options we can provide.

Need to gain control of your traffic levels?

Many wide area networks experience slow response times during the day. Why is this? It may be traffic growth, but more likely is that a particular user has sent a large file which has effectively used up all the available bandwidth. The solution is not to up the bandwidth but apply inbound and outbound bandwidth limits and prioritise users who need access to a particular application.

The Exinda Optimiser system has given back control to many of our customers after they had been experiencing very real problems in accessing centrally operated business applications that service their customers.

Call us to learn more on what bandwidth control could do for your business.

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