Network Connectivity

Fibre or copper leased line WAN Services to connect your premises

Ethernet Leased Line connectivity to offer reliable, scalable and secure connectivity for your business. 100% SLA available when specified with back up option. Typical fibre bearers with 100Mbps or 1Gbps total capacity allow you to scale upwards as the demands and needs of your business change. All services come supplied with a pre configured managed Cisco router, and can be integrated into any private wide area network (PWAN) MPLS scheme that we can manage and support.

We have relationships with dark fibre operators also across the UK, please call us with your requirements and for pricing.

Can your employees use voice apps on their smartphones to work productively from anywhere? Is it possible to hold remote business meetings using web conferencing without the use of apps? Customer service requests via website live chat? They can do all of this and more with 3CX PBX. The flexibility doesn't stop there; with 3CX, you can deploy on-premise on Windows, Linux, or Raspberry Pi. You can also deploy in your own private cloud or have 3CX host your PBX for you.

Fibre Leased Line

  • 100% SLA when specified with a back up option
  • Symmetrical un contended WAN bandwidth.
  • Dual diverse routed fibre options from different service providers.
  • Support for IP VPN and IP Voice.
  • Options for on site or remote support.
  • FOC Install on 36 Month agreements

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Copper Leased line

  • Symmetrical un contended bandwidth of up to 20Mbps
  • Multiple copper bearers with EFM for redundancy
  • Short installation times of as little as 18 Days from order.
  • Supports VPN and IP Voice traffic
  • No installation charges for a 3 year commitment.
  • Excess construction charges are un likely

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Mobile Cellular Routing Solutions

Main office or Branch office Back up

With many businesses now moving to a fully hosted ( Cloud) environment for their business applications, and even full PBX voice communications, they place a heavy reliance on the reliability of their Internet connection. Some businesses provide resilience with alternative fibre /copper circuits to connect their sites. Total resilience very often needs diverse routing into any building however which can sometimes not be achievable or very expensive. A wireless cellular router using a fixed static IP address SIM, can offer an alternative path cost effectively and at excellent bandwidth ( cellular coverage depending). Call us today to discuss your requirements as we have hardware and SIM packages to suit your needs.

Temporary site office, fast to deploy

Ideal for construction sites, project offices or temporary office blocks a mobile cellular router, provides instant connectivity without the long wait or cost off fibre or copper based internet services. Can get your staff up and running and enable you to commence work on a project and save time and money with a quick deployment of staff. We have equipment to buy or rent for these type of sites. Call us today to discuss your requirements as we have hardware and SIM packages to suit.

Get the best and most cost effective connectivity for your business. Enquire Now

Order in confidence

On receipt of order, a site survey from the relevant carrier will be instructed. If the survey comes back with excess construction charges (ECC’s ) you have the option to proceed or cancel the order with no charge.

Higher than expected build costs or ECC’s?
Affinity currently offer up to £2,800 or £10,000 /carrier depending towards ECC’s on three year deals, currently running till end of March 18.

Instant Office Connectivity

Provides blazing fast connectivity with dual embedded cellular modems, and dual SIMMS to allow the use of the same or different cellular providers. Provides bandwidth bonding and helps eliminate bling spots. Ideal temporary or project construction site office solution supports VPN, VOIP, and all data connectivity with our in house fixed static IP address SIMMS on EE. Call us today to discuss your requirements further, buy or rent solutions.

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Get the best and most cost effective connectivity for your business. Enquire Now