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At affinity we have a strategic partnership with WatchGuard a leading provider of Unified Threat Management, Next Gen Firewall solutions. Their portfolio is designed to scale to fit the needs and network capabilities of all sizes of business and organisations.

WatchGuard actively protect organisations of many sizes, from SMBs with products such as the Firebox T10 and T30, to large and distributed enterprises with products such as the Firebox M4600 and M5600.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) from WatchGuard is the industry's highest-performing, all-in-one network security platform. A full-featured, exceptionally fast security appliance that scales with your business, fits in your budget, and is easy to distribute across every network.

Employees can access their phone systems from anywhere using a 3CX phone system. The simple web-based PBX console eliminates the need for them to work from an office, saving time, money, and overheads whilst also increasing profits. Opera Telecom Group in Guildford

Firewall, anti virus, content filtering and wireless controller all in one

  • Very High throughput appliances even with high UTM loads
  • All in one security package (UTM) saves money
  • In country technical support and back up, gets your questions answered quickly and efficiently.
  • Active – Active and Active – Passive configurations for high availability applications
  • Software and hardware maintenance support with SLA’s shaped to meet your needs.
  • Professional and trained installation and support engineers
  • Bolt on wireless with Watchguard under the same management, and create unique firewall rules for each available network.

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Upgrade your current WatchGuard solution to the latest innovations in technology and performance at a very special price. When you trade up to one of our new Firebox T or M Series models with a 3-year Total Security Suite, you only pay for the suite of services. It’s like getting the box for free! This offer ends December 31, 2018.

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“A new and faster leased line coupled with a move to hosted applications, meant we needed to replace our Firewall. Affinity demonstrated the ease of use of the Watchguard management interface, with a web demo and we were able to see with further testing how it met our needs. We chose an active – passive configuration with two M400 Firebox units which offered excellent value for money whist offering high reliability. We installed a fail over WAN solution to the Firebox using two high speed GSM Routers."

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Looking for a new Firewall? Trade your old on in.

Trade in your old security appliance from any manufacturer for a 3-year UTM Security Bundle and you'll pay only for the services*. It's like getting the WatchGuard appliance for FREE! Easy Setup, Instant Protection! And in most cases keep your old device.

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