NHS Case Study

Long Leadtime fibre installation presents headache for IT Team at City and Hackney Primary Care Trust. 

Gigabit Microwave Link

alt “Affinity installed and commissioned the microwave link in very short timescales working through the weekend to provide users with a working service for the start of the following working week”

City and Hackney PCT were up against a critical deadline to connect a new building and asked Affinity to step in.

After conducting a thorough site survey to acess line of sight potential and cable routes etc a Bridgewave

Gigabit microwave was recommended.  The equipment met with the trusts bandwidth needs but at the same time

avoided potential interference from the 5.4/5.8Ghz spectrum seen in may other London Borough’s. 

Project timescales did not allow
for a licenced microwave to be considered.

On receipt of order the equipment was installed in the same week.
Trust staff were up and running the following Monday.

The link carries a full range of traffic types to include voice to connect back to the IP telephone system in the St Leonards

central site. 

The trusts demand for additional office space has meant that a second link was installed in the first quarter of 2009.

Affinity now provide maintenance support both these links for the trust.





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