Our Guarantee

For your peace of mind

We want you to be completely happy with our service.team

At the end of each project we review all aspects with you. If you have any concerns against what we originally promised we will put it right, no quibble, no fuss - and at no extra cost or your money back.

Terms and conditions apply

What we ask in return:

    Initially for us to meet and understand your communication needs fully and then to 
    conduct a comprehensive site survey if required.

    Following our initial meeting we review a proposal together to clarify exactly what you are getting.

    Once your project is complete for you to take time with us to complete our sign off paperwork
    as your opportunity to highlight anything we need to modify or improve.

    If for any reason we do not meet your expectations through the fault of a supplier or 3rd party
    that we have an opportunity to work to correct the problem as soon as possible.





Peace of Mind

We guarantee all our work offering 100% money back if you are unhappy once the project is complete.
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