Environmental Policy.

We are committed to minimising the impact of our business

on the environment

Engineer relaxing in fields

We aim to be as environmentaly friendly as possible; keeping a close eye on our energy efficiency our emissions and aiming to recycle where ever we can.

“We work closely with our clients to reduce waste. Any of our clients can receive electronic invoices”

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Our premises are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We endeavour to reduce waste and encourage client communications by email as much as possible to minimise paper usage.

We recycle all our packaging, paper and post and our team are kept up to date with environmental issues and ongoing improvements.

Our CO2 emissions are reduced by choosing modern vehicles and maintaining them to a high standard.

Our current vehicle supplier www.northgate.volkswagen.co.uk supply us with low emission vehicles. They also maintain them to make sure they perform consistantly to the manufacturer specifications.

We strive to source products that minimise the environmental impact in both their production and distribution.



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