Dark Fibre

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dark fibre Our Dark Fibre products will allow you to expand your future

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From 1-10 Gbps
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If you need scalability in your wide area network for the future and at a fixed cost consider a dark fibre installation.

Our dark fibre products are designed to connect networks in an enterprise environment.  They would typically be installed to connect Local, Campus or Metropolitan Area networks.  Our experienced cabling engineers are fully qualified and ensure our installations are compliant with the latest industry standards.

Dark fibre offers security and dedicated point to point bandwidth.  We can offer bandwidths from 1 – 10Gbps and beyond presented as Ethernet or just plain fibre. request free site survey

In return for an installation fee and an all inclusive fixed annual fee to include maintenance support the fibre is yours to run at any speed. This means that you can plan to deploy high bandwidth applications with the confidence that your network has the capacity.

If you have a requirement to connect a building/or buildings then call us to arrange a FREE site survey on 0800 8402033

  • Planning & Project Management: Complete Network Design, full site survey plus all liason with local authorities and landlords will be handled on your behalf.

  • Fixed cost: Once installed just an annual support fee is required. The fibre is yours to run at any speed.

  • Support: All networks are fully supported by a team of experienced engineers for the duration of your contract.
  • Resilience: As we work with all wide area network technologies we can build in true resilience to your fibre network. This allows you to source all your wide area needs from a single vendor.



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