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London UKAffinity supply,install, maintain and optimize building to building connections

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We have extensive experience linking the most difficult sites, from campus through to city locations. Our experitise & tried and tested technology offer the very best solutions. testimonials>

Affinity work to ensure your business solution is designed with care and consideration supported by long term maintenance to maximise equipment value and management.


  • Wireless WAN Our tried and tested microwave technology offers exceptional proven field more


  • Point to pint or point to multipoint we have the experience and expertise. FREE line of sight survey read more>


  • Dark Fibre Dark fibre offers security and dedicated point to point bandwidth.  We can offer bandwidths from 1 – 10Gbps and beyond presented as Ethernet or just plain fibre. read more


  • An entry level point to point wireless link can provide typically ~20Mbps of bandwidth at a cost similar to one years worth of ADSL provision - and be some 20+ times faster than the best ADSL can offer! This greatly increased bandwidth is sufficient and of a low enough latency to allow operatiion of  VoIP based telephone extensions - therefore removing the need for telephone lines at the remote office completely read more


  • WAN Optimization - Gives you back control of your network,allowing you to block or control bandwidth for any given application. Unlike a simple content filter or router setting our devices operate at L7 and allow complete control for any given application. Allocating defined bandwidths for your important business apps means they always get the class of service and responsiveness your business needs read more

    WAN Acceleration - Many applications can benefit from acceleration in order to improve staff productivity. Our technology partner exinda combines optimization,monitoring and acceleration all in a single appliance read more

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