WAN Optimization

Helping you control and manage the flow of vital network traffic

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Gain control of your network
Manage the flow of traffic
Set bandwidth limits on an application basis


Congestion on your wide area network or internet connection - are you out of control?

Let your key business applications get through and block or limit the flow of low priority traffic

Any traditional IP based enterprise network works on a first come first served packet transmission method.  Problems start to occur for users when traffic starts to become congested and time-sensitive applications (such as citrix, terminal services, and host-based systems) start to become unresponsive. This free for all networking means that traffic that is non business critical can severely impact network performance.

Applying an optimization device from our technology partner Exinda allows you to regain control of your network and lets the important traffic always get through whatever else is happening on your network.

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Exinda works at the application layer (layer7) to detect and control application usage. The granularity gives you the ability to monitor and control business critical, recreational and peer-to-peer traffic

Exinda allows you to set a priority level and a bandwidth limit to any application on your network and can even vary these policies on a time of day basis to allow you to make adjustments for a typical working day.

Exinda can set priority levels for remote IP subnets. Ideal for remote workers or remote sites that connect via VPN tunnels.

Exinda's in built mail engine will send pdf reports on trends and use age to allow you to plan for the future and make policy adjustments to follow traffic trends.

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