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Many believe that adding more and more bandwidth to a network is the answer to poor application response on any wide area network

Why adding more bandwidth is not the answer!
As the performance over the WAN of any application is defined by the delay or latency more bandwidth will help provide capacity for more connections but not improve latency.

Why?- most protocols need a response to a packet of data before they send the next

Protocols such as CIFS (windows file share) are not designed to perform well in a wide area network. They require a lot of server conversations to transmit what is in effect a very small amount of data.  

WAN acceleration addresses the latency problem in a number of ways by being very selective about the data that is sent. 

Our technology partner exinda will give you great gains in application response by deployment at either end of your network.

When you need peak application performance exinda works to improve application response time exinda demo

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Exinda is unique in offering monitoring, optimisation and acceleration in the same device
  • Exinda apply low level compression to reduce the traffic over the WAN.

  • Exinda simulate an end point locally to reduce the amount of serialization or ‘chatty’ traffic over the WAN.

  • Exinda uses memory to cache repetitive network patterns for local delivery.

  • Exinda will combine IP data packets into larger ones and reform them at the far end destination to achieve far greater WAN efficiency.

All of this combined with improved visibility of traffic and quality of service policies come together, to offer far greater application response and so staff efficiency while at the same time staving off expensive leased line bandwidth upgrades.

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