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The Affinity Team 

Who we are and what we do

At affinity we are a team of people who want to provide our customers with the very best levels of service and support.

We act as trusted colleagues to many of our customers, people that they can come to for advice and support when they need to.

In our business the pace of change is considerable and to keep up we continually train our staff on the latest product enhancements and technological developments. As a business we are seeking constant and never ending improvement in our quest to offer excellence in all that we do.

Putting a face to the name

Keeping you informed and building a good working relationship is critical to our service and from day one we like our customers to know who they are dealing with that's why we will not only give you a contact name but add a photo; so that you remain comfortable with our service.

Often installation and maintenance takes place out of office hours and for your peace of mind we provide, on request, all our customers with a working team profile for security.

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call us now on 0845 122 7012, alternatively email us at info@affinity.net
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